Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Where are you Christmas? And some updating

Late Thanksgiving has really made for a CRAZY Christmas season. I'm wishing for things to slow down. You know that bucket list for Christmas I tried to make? I don't think we've done ANYTHING on it! Work has just been crazy and I've been scrambling like a mad woman to get everyone's Christmas present purchased (haven't even thought about wrapping yet!). On top of Christmas, we're heading to Disney and planning for that has definitely been time consuming.

I'm so ready to settle down and prepare for Christmas but we are heading out of town this weekend to celebrate Christmas in Asheboro. We return on Sunday and I am packing in a ton of Christmas. I have big plans to wrap presents, take the kids to see Santa, watch a Christmas movie and drink hot coco, and try to relax for a day before Christmas #2 takes place. I'm am so bummed to miss ALL of the Christmas services at church this year. I adore the Lessons and Carols service and hate to miss it. We'll be traveling on Christmas Eve and won't be able to attend church. Christmas eve service is one of my favorites.

In the meantime, we've been dressing the part and I'm loving taking pictures of the babies each morning. I ask them to sit and have their picture taken and they both go sit on the fireplace. Too cute!

our fire place decorated for the holidays

first christmas outfit of the season

These jammies from gap are so freaking cute

this one LOVES these cardboard cones. He carries them everywhere and chews on the tops.

so proud of his arrangement

i love a butt-in-the-air sleeping baby

we went to eat at Tupelo Honey when it opened in Charlotte and we were all chatting away and our waitress said aww he must really love that dip. we turned to look and holden had found a fork, stuck it in the pimento dip, and went to town... guilty as charged!

i know we've seen a lot of Holden today but he is just so funny and into everything. He's super independent while Miss EC loves to snuggle and sit in my lap while I'm taking pictures rather than being in them. Holden LOVES the radio and ALWAYS dances when music is on.

Our friends hosted a Christmas brunch (great idea for families... mimosas, brunch snacks, and no babysitter needed!) and rented a bounce house. The kids LOVED it!

this one is teething a ton and when he wakes up he is in total snuggle mode. we are taking full advantage.

seriously, emma cate, where are you? This is a pic of Holden and me at their class Christmas party. He went to town on the frosting.

If you follow on Instagram, you saw this pic of Holden devouring cheese. This kid found the cheese in the cart, ate through the plastic wrapper and went to town on the cheese. I think he ate half the block in 5 minutes... at least he was quiet. 

These came home for Jay and I. My heart melted and I may have cried a bit. Things like homemade gifts are so special to me. When we were going through infertility, these were the things that I worried that I would never have. They hold such a special place in my heart and call it tacky but our home will always be filled with these homemade reminders of the blessings we've received in our children.

I love the mugs from target and made my own chex mix to stuff them with for teacher gifts along with starbucks giftcards. Take it from a teacher, food and gift cards are the BEST!

We just introduced plates in hopes that the babies' trays would stay clean during meals... haha. Emma Cate loved sorting her grapes into her cup holder.

Holden tossed his plate at the end of the meal and it broke. Someone will eat off a chipped plate for the next few years... On a side note, I was SOOO against character ANYTHING but as my children have become disney jr. junkies, I've given into the powers of Cars and Disney princesses. We still don't have character clothing... I'm not sure I can go that far!

These pictures/outfits are SOOOO special to me. My mom's mom (Grandma Keske) was SUCH a special lady. Thankfully, she had children young and even though she passed away at 59, I was able to spend 13 years with her. She was talented, smart, crafty, witty, and funny. She told everything like it was. She hand painted these shirts for my sisters and me circa 1991. My mom saved them and brought them over for my kids to wear. Now, this isn't something I would normally dress my kids in (you know, no logos/characters/etc.) but I happily sent them off to school in their adorable hand painted sweatshirts and turtlenecks just like my mom did for us years ago. It made me cry to see them wear these and I wish so much that my Grandmother was still here to see these babies grow up. I know she is always watching down on us.

in other news, we finally found a real pair of uggs tiny enough for this little lady. I LOVE all things smocked and monogrammed but have a little place in my heart for babies in leggings and uggs.

So I tried my hand at monogramming for the first time last night. It was incredibly easy once I figured it out. My first mistake was using to high of a stitch count on EC's dress. It just looks a little sloppy but it works just fine. My second mistake was putting the WRONG INITIAL on Holden's longall! I mean seriously? Our last name does not start with H. Luckily, my mom noticed before it go too bad but we we did spend an hour ripping the thread out. Thankfully it all turned out well!

stitching the correct initial

final products

the twins in their monogrammed duds this morning

had to share this too. Although my baby has a CRAZY hairline that I pray about nightly... she is definitely in need of a trim. Little thing has the craziest bed heads. Can you see all that fuzz sticking out on the sides?

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  1. Ok I have to know. How do you get stains out of the babies clothes?? I saw the pic with food on their cute bibs, and ours seem to be permanently stained!

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